Python 2.4 or higher, SWIG 1.3 or higher, GNU make


After downloading, you can compile the pyUnbound library by doing:

> tar -xzf unbound-x.x.x-py.tar.gz
> cd unbound-x.x.x
> ./configure --with-pyunbound
> make

You may want to enable --with-pythonmodule as well if you want to use python as a module in the resolver.

You need GNU make to compile sources; SWIG and Python devel libraries to compile extension module.


If the compilation is successful, you can test the python LDNS extension module by:

> cd contrib/python
> make testenv
> ./

You may want to make install in the main directory since make testenv is for debugging. In contrib/examples you can find simple applications written in Python using the Unbound extension.