Asynchronous lookup

This example performs the name lookup in the background. The main program keeps running while the name is resolved.

Source code

import time
import unbound

ctx = unbound.ub_ctx()

def call_back(my_data,status,result):
        print "Call_back:", my_data
        if status == 0 and result.havedata:
                print "Result:",
                my_data['done_flag'] = True

my_data = {'done_flag':False,'arbitrary':"object"}
status, async_id = ctx.resolve_async("", my_data, call_back, unbound.RR_TYPE_A, unbound.RR_CLASS_IN)

while (status == 0) and (not my_data['done_flag']):
        status = ctx.process()

if (status != 0):
        print "Resolve error:", unbound.ub_strerror(status)

The unbound.ub_ctx.resolve_async() method is able to pass on any Python object. In this example, we used a dictionary object my_data.