Use cases (examples)

Dynamic DNS Service discovery (DNS-SD)

Synchronized with database engine, for example MySQL.

Firewall control

Control firewall (e.g. enable incoming SSH connection) with DNS query signed with private key. So firewall can blocks every service during normal operation.

Scriptable DNS-based blacklist (DNS-BL)

Scripted in Python with already provided features, takes advantage of DNS reply, because almost every mail server supports DNS based blacklisting.

DNS based Wake-On-Lan

Controled by secured queries secured with private key.

Dynamic translation service

DNS request can be translated to virtually any answer, that’s easy to implement in client side because of many DNS libraries available.

Examples :
  • Dictionary - using IDN for non-ascii strings transfer, dig TXT returns translation of “slovo” to EN.
  • Translation - Extends DNS-SD, for example DNS to Jabber to find out people logged in.
  • Exchange rate calculator - dig TXT returns the given sum (1000.99 CZK) in EURs.

Dynamic ENUM service

Support for redirection, synchronization, etc.